Christopher Royal Studio
Kinetic Sculptrues
Stainless Steel and dyed resin in a concrete base
from 12" to 24" tall
Kinetic Sculptures

These airy, moving sculptures are individually created by the artist and no two are ever exactly alike. The delicately articulated forms are wrought from stainless steel and then dipped in a translucent colored resin to create a permanent crystal-like film. The bases for each sculpture are individually hand cast in concrete. Each sculpture is a one of a kind. All sculptures are signed and dated on the bottom of the base.

These kinetic sculptures are for me a physical representation of the idea of harmony and balance. I have always loved creating stark contrasts in art that also have a deeper meaning. In this case, I love the way the heavy concrete bases with their rough, irregular surfaces anchor the light, airy forms that spring from them. They are a visual metaphor for the contrasts that life offers us all: The hard, “concrete” world in which we all live and the more esoteric world of ideas, of hope, love and joy.
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